Group Presentations Day Three

Just a few minutes ago, we all had the pleasure of watching groups 5 and 6 give their presentations and I must say, they both did a great job!

Group fives reenactment of the story of Persephone's abduction and Demeter's frantic searching was pretty funny. I found it quite amusing when "Demeter" puts the baby in the fire and there was a picture of fire on the wall. Very entertaining! And their rendition of the Elusinian Mysteries was very cool. I liked the can of corn. =P
And everyone had awesome finger-snapping abilities!

Group six's show, Whose Myth is it Anyway? was very well done! The dating show was very cute and the party was excellent. I really liked their buddhist-Irish ho-down song at the end.

All in all, great performances! Now off to finals and a warm, sunny summer! Hopefully! =)

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