Study Guide-Quiz II

Study Guide 2

1. First and last words of Metamorphosis Mandelbaum Translation
“My soul would sing of metamorphoses.”
“I shall have life.”

2. What is flyting?
The interchanging of insults.

3. What is a tally?
A broken piece of coin to share with a friend. Occurs in Aristophanes speech at the symposium.

4. Know the Echo and Narcissus story.

5. Which 2 characters from Ovid are models for Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet? Pyramus and Thisbe

6. Name 3 of 7 speakers in symposium.

7. What is metempsychosis?
Transmigration of soul

8. What is catharsis?
Purging of emotions pity and fear (Usually in tragedy)

9. What is the worst thing you can experience according to the Trojan Women?
The sacrifice of a child.

10. What does obscene mean?

11. What is the difference between Old Comedy and New Comedy?
Old comedy is bawdy, lewd humor
New comedy is romantic (boy meets girl, can’t have her, pursues her; weddings, feasts, and dancing)

12. What is Plato’s word for remembering what you forgot?

13. Dr. Sexson says to think of reincarnation as ___.
Poetic thought or metaphor

14.What did Paris choose when offered gifts by the Goddesses?
Most beautiful woman-Helen

15. What character does Aristophanes use to reconcile Lysistrata?
Naked girl named Reconcile.

16. Difference between Sophoclean and Euripidean comedy?
Euripidean is emotional truth
Sophoclean is formal truth

17. According to Sigmund Freud, what do we do to keep from crying?

18. See number 5. Explain what 3 were saying.

19. Tragedy deals with the ___. Comedy deals with the ____.
Individual and Community

20. What is Parabasis?
The part of the play where abuse of the audience takes place. Ancient Comedy

21. In which Ovidean tale do 2 bears become constellations?

22. Woman are taken as spoils of war to become ___.
Slaves and concubines.

23. What is phallocentrism?
Domination by male point of view represented by the phallis.

24. What does Aristotle think is the perfect literature?

25. Symposium - what happens when you see something pretty?
Shoulders start to itch b/c of your wings.

26. What is nostos?

27. What was Niobe turned into?
Weeping stone

28. When a god does something it can’t be retracted.

Know Ovidian Transformations
Narcissus-Narcissus flower
4 ages- Myth of Declintion. Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Iron
Adonis-Wind flower
Myrrha-Tree-from which Adonis was born
Tiresias-Man to woman to man to prophet
Midas-Ass’s ears

Know both Lysistrata Essays
Athenian Women
Greek Comedy

Trojan Women
Iphigenia at Aulis
Ovid’s Metamorphoses
An Imaginary Life

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