Presentations Day Three

So I missed Individual Presentations Day 2 to go dance like a monkey for my neurologist. What fun. Elizabeth took wonderful notes, though, so I was able to overview what went on with those.

Today's presentations were great! I especially enjoyed Jake's take on violence in the media and the relation between the past and present violence and Bizz's take on metamorphosis between Lucius the golden ass and Gregor the insect. (I really liked that she referenced the His Dark Materials Trilogy-I'm in love with that series!!) I also liked Nick's power of the eyes. Eyes have always fascinated me. My notebooks consist of thousands upon thousands of doodles involving eyes. Looking at something or someone really is powerful.

Now I'm really looking forward to the group presentations on Friday. I'm curious as to what the other groups came up with. :)

Good luck with presentations!

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